Today’s Stylish Indoor and Outdoor Carpet

With summer beginning, now is the season everyone is thinking about pools. But when you think about pools, do you consider decorating options for outside? Today, more and more people with ocean houses, verandas, playhouses, porches, hot tub areas, and, of course, pools are installing indoor/outdoor carpet to enhance their settings.

Indoor and outdoor carpets are similar to the carpets you have you in your home. It feels much like Berber. Also, they come in a variety of styles and colors to give your home the look you want. Trust us, you’re gonna love today’s selections compared to the only green grass look available in past years. We enjoy how the product has a utility back that keeps it moisture control.

Shaw continues to be leaders in designing these durable and stylish carpets for pools, decks and porches. Their Inside Out Collection is full of contemporary and sophisticated designs to create a more luxurious outdoor area. The outdoor living space is becoming an increasingly important part of homes today. Outdoor grills and furniture help create the perfect getaways in the comfort of your own yard.

Also, Shaw’s Inside Out Collection isn’t only popular outdoors. Many of their high-performance products are ideal for commercial applications, such as hospitality settings, restaurants, and solariums.

Give us a call today and let us install your choice of indoor and outdoor carpet!


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