Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet: The Secret Behind the Softness

You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian or Victoria Beckham to appreciate the things that make a home beautiful. Homeowners continue to enjoy the luxurious feel of carpet and agree that Mohawk’s SmartStrand collection is a perfect choice. Most recently, the carpet was featured in Better Homes and Gardens for its softness and lifetime warranty.

Rated as #1 in customer satisfaction, Mohawk’s SmartStrand is the only carpet with built-in stain and soil resistance that will never wear or wash off. This is an excellent product for families with young children, or for those who worry about unfortunate accidents. Homeowners will love the durability and softness that gives them peace of mind. Manufacturers are thinking comfort and going soft. By designing carpet with thinner fibers, they’re packing fibers densely and introducing new fiber types. This is definitely a carpet you want to sink your toes into.

Another plus is that SmartStrand is environmentally friendly because part of it is made from renewable resources, such as DuPont Sorona’s renewably sourced polymer. Unlike nylon carpets, the polymer requires 30 percent less energy. It marks the first time that a luxuriously soft carpet offers durability and stain protection, while also making less of an environmental impact.

SmartStrand will be an excellent addition for the home, or even on national television. SmartStrand Carpet has been a featured guest on The Better Show, a syndicated women’s lifestyle and entertainment show. Those tuning into the series will see celebrities make their debut on the Mohawk red carpet, while co-hosts Audra Lowe and J.D. Roberto anchor the hour-long show each day from a set carpeted with SmartStrand.


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