The Beauty Behind Brazilian Cherry

When it comes to interior style, hardwood floors continue to be an excellent choice for the home. This year, we’ve noticed that homeowners have fallen in love with Brazilian cherry. What we enjoy about this exotic species is how rich the floor coloring looks. It has an appearance that is unique with its tan-to-pink patina accented by darker red stripes. Homeowners can also appreciate that the wood is fine-grained and stain resistant. It is definitely a wood that feels heavier than most, making the material ultra-durable.

Brazilian cherry is offered in prefinished and engineered options. Engineered hardwood lasts longer in homes with a radiating heat source. Prefinished woods vary with need. If an entire floor needs new Brazilian cherry flooring, prefinished will make installation go quicker.

Remember, Brazilian cherry flooring needs to be cleaned regularly. Sweeping and vacuuming any dirt and dust every day is recommended, while the surface should be cleaned once a week. The solution for cleaning should use as little moisture as possible, and the floor should always air dry afterwards. It’s also important to note that the cleaning solution used shouldn’t contain wax, vinegar or acid.


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