SMART CARPET….really appreciate being treated as kindly and respectfully

My husband and I would like to take a moment to express how genuinely THRILLED we are to deal with SMART CARPET. We have been dealing with Joe Grandinetti and Peter Salimone for the past couple of years and we both feel that we could not have made a better choice for all our flooring needs. We purchased a three level townhouse that slowly but surely we are renovating. Your ads are what first made us call you, however, it was ABSOLUTELY Joe G. who insured that we would choose you and stay loyal to your company. His professionalism yet down-to-earth sincerity and good humor and his willingness to work with us gained our trust immediately. We are middle-class (if that’s even still possible) working people so we appreciated the VALUE of your products. But the main reason we wanted to write you is because on our last order we hit difficulty after difficulty with projects that had to be finished before our wood floor could be installed. Peter Salamone could not have been any more gracious or understanding about our need to keep rescheduling the date of install. My husband had spoken with Peter and the office manager Cheryl and had offered to pay up front in good faith. Both times he was told that was absolutely not necessary and they valued our business-we were considered “Great customers-no problem, when you have the date call us”. My husband and I both really appreciate being treated as kindly and respectfully as we treat other people and the aforementioned three people have far surpassed the bar on how to treat customers. We have recommended Smart Carpet to everyone we know who has flooring needs. In closing, my husband and I hope that Joe, Peter and Cheryl are acknowledged in some way for the way that they have represented the company they work for. Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, Smart Customers Nicholas and Jennifer DeToronto


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