SMART Carpet…you guys are outstanding

Dear Mike:
Before too much more time goes by I did want to express to you and Smart Carpet a note of appreciation for the outstanding job with our new kitchen floor. The entire job went absolutely as you said and we had discussed. The installers, even though not employees of Smart Carpet, could not have been more helpful. They were pleasant, most courteous, and just terrific to work with. There were even a couple of instances where certain molding could have been done several ways. Instead of just doing what would have been easiest for them, they actually took the time to review everything with us, went and got the materials, and brought them back the next day just to make the job totally to our satisfaction. It is regrettable that no matter what one buys these days, the service I received from you is more the exception than the rule. But you guys are outstanding and I hope my appreciation will be passed on to the installers, who worked so hard, as well as the management at Smart Carpet. It was also a great pleasure working with you, Mike, and I have no hesitation about recommending you and your fine organization to anyone considering flooring. And, of course, we will be back to you in the not too distant future with some additional work. Again, many thanks. A. Mattei, Lawrenceville, NJ


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