Today’s Stylish Indoor and Outdoor Carpet

With summer beginning, now is the season everyone is thinking about pools. But when you think about pools, do you consider decorating options for outside? Today, more and more people with ocean houses, verandas, playhouses, porches, hot tub areas, and, of course, pools are installing indoor/outdoor carpet to enhance their settings.

Indoor and outdoor carpets are similar to the carpets you have you in your home. It feels much like Berber. Also, they come in a variety of styles and colors to give your home the look you want. Trust us, you’re gonna love today’s selections compared to the only green grass look available in past years. We enjoy how the product has a utility back that keeps it moisture control.

Shaw continues to be leaders in designing these durable and stylish carpets for pools, decks and porches. Their Inside Out Collection is full of contemporary and sophisticated designs to create a more luxurious outdoor area. The outdoor living space is becoming an increasingly important part of homes today. Outdoor grills and furniture help create the perfect getaways in the comfort of your own yard.

Also, Shaw’s Inside Out Collection isn’t only popular outdoors. Many of their high-performance products are ideal for commercial applications, such as hospitality settings, restaurants, and solariums.

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Intelligent Intellawood Flooring

Maintaining the beauty and prolonging the life of your floor is essential to the home. Here at SMART Carpet & Flooring, we are proud to exclusively offer Intellawood which is a hardwood-flooring product with Scotchguard Advanced Repel Technology. Intellawood provides real value unlike standard hardwood options by demonstrably enhancing the performance of the floor. The product uses a UV-cured aluminum oxide that has a stain and substance repellent built into the component of the floor. Stains don’t stick and that’s why customers have fallen in love with it! Another plus, the Scotchguard repellent lasts a lifetime. Take a look at the video below to witness Intellawood’s stain repellent properties:

As with any home, accidents and spills are expected. To clean up messes, rub firmly with a dry paper towel or a clean dry cloth to remove spots from Intellawood hardwood with Scotchgard Protector Advanced Repel Technology. In an incident where dried latex paint was spilt, loosen with a plastic scraper first. If necessary, use a mild detergent and water and a soft dry cloth to remove residual stickiness after the bulk of the spot is removed.

Overall, Intellawood makes for a perfect flooring selection for families. It’s the SMART Wood flooring!

Three Benefits for Hardwood Floors

Fits Into Any Décor

Many interior designers agree that hardwood floors accentuates any décor and delivers elegance throughout a home. Hardwood floors continue to be a choice for homeowners because of its timeless appeal and ability to enhance furnishings. You can even create the ambiance you desire whether you’re going for a warm comfortable atmosphere or a smooth modern feeling. The material fits well into contemporary or traditional styles.

Improved Durability

Over the years, technology has made numerous improvements to strengthen the durability factor of hardwoods. Today, hardwood floors have evolved from use in formal living rooms and dining areas to bedrooms, playrooms,  kitchens and more.

Countless Design Options

When you see the numerous options available in hardwood flooring materials, you’ll be amazed at the incredible choices in colors, wood grains, board widths and different types of wood. Discover what appeals most to you and your family. Remember, the natural qualities in wood vary greatly, so you’ll never see another floor exactly like yours. SMART Carpet already offers over 4000 styles and colors of name brand products for homeowners to choose. With our shop-at-home model, our flooring professionals will conduct an on-site measure to provide homeowners with a product and installation FREE-ESTIMATE. And as always, we’re available 7 days a week!

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet: The Secret Behind the Softness

You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian or Victoria Beckham to appreciate the things that make a home beautiful. Homeowners continue to enjoy the luxurious feel of carpet and agree that Mohawk’s SmartStrand collection is a perfect choice. Most recently, the carpet was featured in Better Homes and Gardens for its softness and lifetime warranty.

Rated as #1 in customer satisfaction, Mohawk’s SmartStrand is the only carpet with built-in stain and soil resistance that will never wear or wash off. This is an excellent product for families with young children, or for those who worry about unfortunate accidents. Homeowners will love the durability and softness that gives them peace of mind. Manufacturers are thinking comfort and going soft. By designing carpet with thinner fibers, they’re packing fibers densely and introducing new fiber types. This is definitely a carpet you want to sink your toes into.

Another plus is that SmartStrand is environmentally friendly because part of it is made from renewable resources, such as DuPont Sorona’s renewably sourced polymer. Unlike nylon carpets, the polymer requires 30 percent less energy. It marks the first time that a luxuriously soft carpet offers durability and stain protection, while also making less of an environmental impact.

SmartStrand will be an excellent addition for the home, or even on national television. SmartStrand Carpet has been a featured guest on The Better Show, a syndicated women’s lifestyle and entertainment show. Those tuning into the series will see celebrities make their debut on the Mohawk red carpet, while co-hosts Audra Lowe and J.D. Roberto anchor the hour-long show each day from a set carpeted with SmartStrand.

The Beauty Behind Brazilian Cherry

When it comes to interior style, hardwood floors continue to be an excellent choice for the home. This year, we’ve noticed that homeowners have fallen in love with Brazilian cherry. What we enjoy about this exotic species is how rich the floor coloring looks. It has an appearance that is unique with its tan-to-pink patina accented by darker red stripes. Homeowners can also appreciate that the wood is fine-grained and stain resistant. It is definitely a wood that feels heavier than most, making the material ultra-durable.

Brazilian cherry is offered in prefinished and engineered options. Engineered hardwood lasts longer in homes with a radiating heat source. Prefinished woods vary with need. If an entire floor needs new Brazilian cherry flooring, prefinished will make installation go quicker.

Remember, Brazilian cherry flooring needs to be cleaned regularly. Sweeping and vacuuming any dirt and dust every day is recommended, while the surface should be cleaned once a week. The solution for cleaning should use as little moisture as possible, and the floor should always air dry afterwards. It’s also important to note that the cleaning solution used shouldn’t contain wax, vinegar or acid.

The SMART Carpet Representative?

SMART Carpet and Flooring representatives are qualified to answer all questions on carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile and vinyl.

Our representatives will measure the desired area, provide answers on delivery and installation, recommend and show name brand products from the mobile showroom’s 4000 style and colors and then provide an excellent price. The time required to complete this process is dependent on the customer. We move at your pace.

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